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Nagual Series - A Path of Elegance

From time to time I will be posting some tools, techniques and methods as well as some left brain reason material that can help facilitate an elegant path of Toltec Nagualism. I use the word elegance intentionally. One of the meanings of elegance is refinement and grace, scientific precision and exactness. Part of the definition of grace is 'seemingly effortless movement'.

A core principle in nagualism is the conservation of energy. To truly become proficient at dreaming, seeing and moving of the assemblage point we must have a large reserve of energy available. Efficiency in movement, feelings, and thoughts is essential. I like to call this elegance.

Carlos Castaneda (or Casteneda as commonly misspelled) first brought the Toltec path into the mainstream of 'new age' consciousness as stories from another world.   One purpose of the Toltec Nagual Series is to bring the wondrous stories of Castaneda into principles of transformation in our daily living.

As these Nagual Series posts will be to this Forum they will by necessity be as concise as possible. This leaves room for both lack of and mis-understanding but hopefully they can serve as seeds for some to remember what they already know.

To go to the 1st in this series please click on Nagual Living below.